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2018 Theme: Theotokos- Model of Grace

This year we will delve into the ancient prayer, The Akathist Hymn of the Theotokos.  Rich with symbolism, this hymn follows the life of Mary, “Bride and Maiden ever pure”.  The poetic language examines the deep mystery of God’s plan for using a woman to bring salvation to the world.  As we explore this prayer we will look to Mary as our model for womanhood.  How are we called like Mary to bring God to others? How is our feminine nature a wonderful part of that plan? Join us for prayer, talks, reflection time, and fellowship.

Prayer and meals are communal but sessions will be broken into three tracts: girls 7-11, teens 12-17, and women 18+.  Girls will have teachings, games, and crafts.  Teens will have teachings, fellowship, and work on an icon writing project.